Angels Brigade

It’s the ladies to the rescue in the low-budget actioner directed bycult director Greydon Clark. When a rising female pop star’s younger brother gets beaten up by his pusher, she recruits other ladies and become a team of highly trained avengers wearing form-fitting fatigues.Their mission: to wipe every drug dealer off the face of the earth. To accomplish this, they drive around in a custom-built van decked out with the latest in high-tech weaponry, incurring the wrath of the local drug kingpins. Starring Jack Palance (Academy Award® winner - CITY SLICKERS, WITHOUT WARNING, CYBORG 2) and Peter Lawford (OCEANS 11)! Featuring legendary actors Jim Backus, Neville Brand, Pat Buttram, Alan Hale Jr., and Arthur Godfrey in supporting roles,and filmed by the great Dean Cundey (HALLOWEEN, THE THING). Angels Brigade, they will blow you away!

Special Features:

Brand New 16x9 (1:78) anamorphic master in HD of the 97min SEVEN FROM HEAVEN cut

bonus, 87min ANGEL BRIGADE cut, in 16x9 (1:78) widescreen.

On camera interview with director of phootgraphy Dean Cundy

Region 0